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Linux Workshop in Delhi

I was in Delhi from 3rd Jan to 9th with a friend (Amit).

We were a part of a workshop in Acharya Narendra Dev College in South Delhi. We were thinking of some mild response for Linux but were surprised to see 20 odd people waiting for us from morning 9am till 12.30 in the afternoon. (Our flight was late due to fog in Delhi)

The principal of ANDC is a great lady Mrs. Savithri Singh. She is a WikiEducator promoter, also conducts training for WikiEducator.
She believes in FOSS technology, also promoting the same in her college for last three years.

The official workshop was for 3 days, 5th to 7th January. But me & Amit were there on 3rd Jan. We trained some volunteers & faculty of the college, who helped us in next three days of workshop.
Topics we covered:
History of FOSS,
Installation of ubuntu,
Programing in Linux,
Alternate Applications in Linux to commonly used proprietary OS or applications,
Career opportunities in Open Source,
Open Source CMS Application (Drupal)

Also there were many question-answer sessions. We also formed a mailing list of ANDC college students & staff for Linux problems.

Overall workshop was successful. Many faculty members tried installation of Linux themselves, also tried many Open Source applications & programming in Linux.
This involvement of faculty members pleased us.
Also some of the students are very bright, we hope that these students keep sharing/spreading FOSS knowledge along with Savithri madam & all faculty members.

Looking forward to have these kind of workshops all over India..

2 Responses to “Linux Workshop in Delhi”

  1. Sudhang said

    Glad you liked the workshop!

  2. Amit Karpe said

    That was great experience !!!

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