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I am passionate about Open Source & Linux. I use Ubuntu Linux. I have attended some bar camps in Pune & Mumbai. I arranged SFD(Software Freedom Day) event with my friends, and always open for Open Source & Linux.

After my 3rd year of BCS (Batchlor of Computer Science), I started my career as an entrepreneur. I was doing Computer Hardware (Sales & Service) & Networking services business. Which i continued for more than three years. Then i took admission for MSc (Computer Science) course in 2006.
After 1st year of my MSc. I joined a company ‘WikiOcean’ (July 2007), which was an Open Source company. I started as Linux System Admin. After 2 months my role was changed, and i started handing a team of few people for a internal project ‘Open Source Product Study’. Where we studied around 20 Open source products for company to start work on..
Out of which SugarCRM(a CRM) & OpenBravo(an ERP) was chosen by management to start working with.
Then i did some recruitment for company, where we recruited 12 candidates, to whom we trained for PHP, Drupal, SugarCRM, osCommerce etc. Then did some internal projects for company with that team.
After that i resigned the company & joined another company ‘ITVidya.com'(may 2008). Still working with this company. This a startup again. I switched many roles in this company & currently working as Project Director for a program called HPS(High performing Students)

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